A man's pattern


For a business meeting or an event in a formal setting, a swift grasp into one’s closet seems enough. A simple shirt, plain, striped or checkered, suits any man. So he believes. But every shirt is a hidden statement. In regard to our new additions, the checkered and striped business shirts, below a little styleguide.

 business shirt checked

The checkered one

The checkered one likes to break free from his simple (patterned) daily routine – but not without style. The wearer tends to be a nonconformist. The checkered shirt does not only offer variety but also adds a bit of volume to the upper body. However, the pinstripe suit is better to be left in the closet – one piece with a pattern is fair enough.

That certain something

Anyone wearing a checkered shirt but craving for a patterned tie to go along with should choose a tie with a more prominent pattern. The shirt should stay rather discreetly in the back. In case of doubt a plain tie is always a good choice.

 business shirt stripes

The striped one

The sleek striped one likes variety but is not as playful as the checkered one. The stripes make their wearer look tall and slim, which is why shorter and broader men benefit the most from a striped business shirt. Ties in blue, red or green all go well together with a blue and white striped shirt. 

That certain something

A pocket square lends a noble touch to the outfit. The breast pocket handkerchief stands less for functionality but much more for style – a neat folding technique is therefore a must.

 business shirt white

The classic one

The traditional one is a timeless classic. The wearer likes style and elegance, but in an unpretentious manner. He puts his trust into the plain business shirt and not into changing fashion frills. The advantage: a classic high-quality shirt, if looked after, can last for many years. The businessman can’t go wrong with a blue or white design. The white original used to stand for the upper class – a symbol for not needing to get his hands dirty on the job. Nowadays, on a special day, even a pink shirt can be chosen – if it suits well.

 That certain something

Especially with the classic plain shirt a nice pair of cufflinks makes a good combination. However, they don’t have to be the flashiest ones. Furthermore, the buttons must be compatible with the rest of the outfit: silver cuffs with the silver watch, matching with the belt buckle. The high-quality cufflinks can be recognized by their back: a classy design mirrors the front (in smaller size).


Feeling like a new look in a checkered or striped shirt? Then our new additions available in the CARPSUS Online Shop might be something for you. The different business shirts will bring a fresh pattern into your daily routine.


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