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Style comes naturally.

CARPASUS is THE Swiss shirt brand that combines style, quality and sustainability. We make shirts from organic cotton and organic linen that look great and do good to the environment and the people who make them.

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Style comes naturally.

Certified Organic Materials

We only use certified organic raw materials such as organic cotton and organic linen to make our shirts. So, no GMO seeds, no synthetic fertilizers and no pesticides were used to grow our cotton and linen used. This is healthier for our planet and the people who harvest these raw materials.

Made in Europe

Our fabrics and shirts are made in Europe. The majority of them is manufactured in Portugal. Another part of our business and tailor-made shirts are made in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The production in Europe is important to us in order to keep the transports short and protect the heritage and know-how of tailoring and manufacturing in Europe. We work with suppliers that treat their employees fairly and responsibly.

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