We know you are wearing our shirts every day. You've experienced the greatest adventures in them, met the most interesting people and celebrated the wildest parties in them. But even the best shirts need a little wellness at some point. We want you to be able to wear our shirts for a very long time. That's why we're offering you the opportunity to have our shirts maintained and repaired - free of charge this November.

We repair your shirt

From November 8 - 30, 2021 you can send us your broken shirts. We will repair and maintain them for you - free of charge. At the moment we can only offer this service to our Swiss customers.

We replace broken buttons or add new buttons if they have fallen off. We close open seams or smaller holes in the fabric.

We are aware that especially cuffs and collars are heavily strained when wearing the shirt. Unfortunately, we can not (yet) offer the replacement of cuffs and collars.

Follow the steps below

Download the repair form here. Print it out and complete it with your information. Enclose it with your shirt(s) that you want to repair. Send your shirts together with the repair form to:

Omar Churquiluna, Atelier Palo Reininger, In Gassen 14, 8001 Zürich

Please send us only washed and hygienicly clean shirts. We recommend you to send the shirt with a tracking code, so that it is not lost. Inform us briefly by mail to that you send us a shirt in the repair. Send us the tracking code right away so that we know that a shirt is on its way.

Our tailor Omar will repair your shirt. We will send your shirt back to you right after. If you have any questions about Carepasus or about whether we can repair the defect on your shirt, please send us an email to or call us on +41 77 505 28 57.

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