The textile and fashion industry faces great challenges when it comes to sustainability. Learn more which materials we use in order to reduce the negative impacts of the fashion industry.
CARPASUS is moving East. That's why we invite you to the last sample sale at our Showroom near Hubertus March 9.-11.
CARPASUS founder René gives you a review of 2022 and an outlook for 2023!
What do we think makes a sustainable suit? Organic materials, high quality workmanship, fair working conditions, short transport routes, timeless design were important to us when developing the suits!
Für CARPASUS war 2021 ein erfolgreiches Jahr. CARPASUS Gründer René fasst hier seine Highlights zusammen und gibt einen Ausblick.
The classic men's shirt has become an indispensable part of every wardrobe. However how did the timeless classic come into being? A little biography...
It is not the price tag alone, which decides over the quality of a shirt. However, how can you recognize quality workmanship? Here are a few aspects on what to put your focus on when buying a high quality shirt.
Meet the CARPASUS Team - an interview without words...

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