Our Materials

Our shirts and accessories are made with high-quality raw materials that are grown and sourced in the most environmental-friendly way. Learn more about the materials that we use for our collections.

Organic Cotton

All our cotton shirts are made from organic cotton (sometimes we also add recycled organic cotton). Organic cotton means that no pesticides, herbicides, no synthetic fertilizers and no GMO seeds are used when growing the crop.

Instead, farmers use natural fertilizers and natural pest controls. They also practice crop rotation which means that they also grow soy, wheat or other crops in order to increase the nutrients in the soils.

The organic cotton we use for our shirts is GOTS certified and comes from organic farmers in Tansania, India or Turkey. In most cases, organic cotton is grown by small-scale farmers. Growing organically reduces their dependence on big agro-chemical corporations.

Last but not least, growing organic cotton emits less CO2 and uses less water.


Linen is one of the oldest textile materials with plant-based origin and is much appreciated until today for its many qualities.

Flax is a raw material that is less susceptible to pests than cotton and uses considerably less water. Whenever possible we use organically grown flax that does not use any pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Yet, the supply of organic flax is still very limited on the world market. In fact only very small quantities of organic flax from Europe are currently available.

Our linen fabrics are made according to the Masters of Linen® Standard. It is an industry standard shaped by Europes linen companies that seek to promote the ecological cultivation of flax and a stronger European supply chain. The standard does not allow the use of GMO seeds, avoids irrigation of the fields and promotes field retting instead of water retting that uses large amounts of water and causes pollution of the wastewater. It also demands that the linen yarn
and the fabric are made in Europe.

Recycled Cotton

Many of the environmental problems caused by the fashion and textile industry can be reduced by re-using more materials. When possible we integrate yarns made from recycled cotton for our fabrics. In this way we can contribute to a more circular fashion industry and reduce the use of new cotton.

Buttons from Corozo

All our buttons are made from Corozo. Corozo is a natural material and is often referred to as the "tagua-nut". They are the seeds of the tagua palms. We do not use mother-of-pearl or plastic buttons for our shirts.

It is a very popular material for the production of jewlery in the growing regions of South America (mainly Ecuador). It never loses its natural marbling and is the only natural product which can be colored in any shade. These qualities make it perfect for the use as buttons. The buttons are manufactured Portugal. The white buttons we use for most of our shirts are not dyed but show the natural colour of Corozo.