Choice of high quality, organic raw materials

It is our goal to create long lasting and sustainable shirts. That's why we chose our raw materials and fabrics carefully and maintain a high quality standard.

We use natural materials such as cotton or linen for our shirts. These raw materials come from organic cultivation which doesn’t use genetically modified seeds or synthetic fertilizers. Instead, organic farming uses natural fertilizers, and practices crop rotation. This way the soils of the agricultural areas remain fertile and the health of the people and farmers is protected. Find out more about our raw materials here.


Look and feel quality

We work together with the best weavers in Europe. They process our raw materials into high end fabrics and shirts. Our partners are Portuguese and Austrian weavers, who are specialized in producing high quality garments. You can feel the quality of organic and certified cotton and linen and the years of experience on your skin. All our fabrics are GOTS certified, which means only organically grown raw materials are being used and all environmental standards have to be met while dyeing, weaving and finishing the garments


Wash and wear, easy to iron fabrics

Our fabrics are easy to care and iron fabrics. They can be washed with 40 and are easy to iron. Especially our dress shirts are made of especially light fabrics which guarantee easy ironing.


European high-quality workmanship and love of detail

When it comes to processing the fabrics we also work with European manufacturers. Our shirts are sewn in Portugal and Bosnia. Find out more about our partners here.



Hemline with gusset

We put our focus on creating a product which is long lasting: that’s why the seams of the CARPASUS shirts are very closely sewn and the hemline of the shirts have a gusset on both sides for better durability.


Mallard embroidery

The left sleeve of our shirts has a little mallard embroidery. The mallard (French: canard col vert) is the symbol of CARPASUS and its green collar emphasizes the ecology of our shirts.


Horizontal button hole

Every last button hole of the CARPASUS shirt is horizontally embroidered in green. The horizontal position prevents the button from opening by itself while being tucked into the pant. The green color is supposed to remind you of wearing a very special shirt.


Removable collar stays

Our dress shirts have removable collar stays made of swiss FSC maple wood. You can remove them before washing in order to keep the shape of the collar.




Thermosetted Corozo buttons

All our buttons are made of natural corozo. All our business shirts have heat sealed button-shanks using the Ascolite® TF-System. This way button loss is prevented and the button moves through the buttonhole much easier.




Timeless design

We put our focus on timeless design and when it comes to picking fabrics, patterns and cuts every season, we don’t run after trends. This way the CARPASUS shirts can be worn several seasons.

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