The Sustainable Suit

We can now offer you a range of suits. It was a long process until we finally got our hands on a product that met our requirements. When our customers asked when we would be launching a "sustainable" suit, we always asked the counter-question: "What do you mean by a sustainable suit?" The answers to this were very different. It was clear to us that we first had to find these answers ourselves in order to understand how we could meaningfully add value.

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The following aspects and criteria were important to us when developing our suits so that we can call them "sustainable" with a clear conscience:

Natural, organic materials
When manufacturing our shirts, we focus on using high-quality natural materials that are organically grown. The same should also apply to our suits. The outer fabric of the linen suit is therefore made from GOTS-certified organic linen, the inner fabric from GOTS-certified organic cotton. We have dispensed with plastic buttons or metal buckles and use natural corozo buttons, as we do on our shirts.

High quality & long-lasting
The materials are made in Belgium and Portugal by renowned weavers. The suit itself was made by a company in northern Portugal that specializes in suits. The production and the materials are of high quality and designed for durability. The suit will accompany you for a long time.

Short transport routes & fair working conditions
By working with certified European manufacturers, we avoid long transport routes and can ensure that social, ethical working conditions are observed.

Customization options
We made sure that the suit jacket and trousers are easy to adjust. The way they are manufactured makes it possible to adjust the waistband, jacket length, sleeve length and trouser length with the help of a tailor, if necessary. This allows us to offer the best possible customization of a prêt-à-porter suit.

Stylish & timeless
With the suit, we want to offer a stylish product that will withstand the whims of changing tastes in fashion for a long time. The cuts that we have developed are timeless and modern at the same time. It is just as suitable for a wedding outfit as it is for a stylish appearance in the office. The fabrics are also the same as we use for our overshirts. So you can also combine the trousers with a less formal overshirt.

What is your opinion?
What do you think? What is a "sustainable" suit in your eyes? Let us know. Comment on this blog post or write to us at!

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nachhaltiger anzug leinen bio carpasus

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