The perfect shirt – Characteristics to recognize a quality shirt

It is not the price tag alone, which decides over the quality of a shirt. However, how can you recognize quality workmanship? Here are a few aspects on what to put focus on when buying a high quality shirt.

1. The Fabric 

A high quality fabric is the basic element of a perfect shirt. Fabrics perfect shirts are made of, are made of high quality organic cotton for everyday business or a light organic linen fabric for summer. Compared to synthetic fibers, cotton is more breathable, skin friendly and doesn't smell of sweat as much as synthetic fibers. Linen on the other hand has a cooling effect on the skin which makes it the perfect companion during hot summer days. Material mixes of cotton and linen combine the advantages of both materials such as cooling, form stability and easy care taking.

However not just the fabric is decisive for a quality shirt but also the weave. Among the plain weaves, the cotton-lawn is one of the lightest weave and shows a breathable structure. Furthermore, the poplin is one of the three basic weaves and the most widespread among the business shirts. The linen-weave cloth is uncomplicated and durable. Even more tear-resistant is twill: It is the third of the basic weaves besides the plain weave and the satin weave. The diagonal parallel ribs also create the denim-look. Fabric woven with the twill technique is more durable and stronger than a plain weave.


2. The cut

Besides a high quality fabric, the cut is essential for an elegant appearance. The cut must suit the wearer, accentuate his figure but leave him free movement. If you can't find the perfect size for yourself in standard sizes, a tailored shirt might be an option for you. CARPASUS offers tailor made shirts where you can combine and adjust cut, sleeves and different shirt lengths.


3. The details

Quality needs attention to detail to show effect. These are the most prominent ones.

The quality of stitching

Once you found the right cut, the processing quality must convince as well. If a shirt is made with loving care, is especially noticeable when looking at a patterned shirt – if there is no sudden break of checks and lines at the seam, the shirt was costlier sewed.

Stich density

The stitch density is a subtle characteristic of a high-quality workmanship. A high number of tight stitches promises a sustainable quality and an elegant look (the seam does not dissolve easily).


Most of the cheaply produced shirts heat seal their shirt’s collar. Thereby, the upper and under layer of the collar gets connected by heat or glue. The more expensive models on the other hand sews the two layers together with attention to detail. The advantage of a nicely processed seam lies in the softer collars and is gentle to the sensitive skin of the neck.

Furthermore, the shirt lasts longer if the collar stays are removable and therefor do not get bent in the laundry machine and do not leave an unsightly imprint on the fabric. 

The material of the collar stays is another subtle characteristic for quality: Unlike collar stays made of plastic, the ones made of wood, sterling silver or horn are more robust and a bit heavier, which gives the collar a more elegant look. 

CARPASUS collar stays are made of FSC-certified Swiss maple wood and very long lasting.


Shirt buttons are usually made of cheap plastic. However there are more high-grade materials. A lot of expensive brands use nacre for their buttons. A natural alternative is offered with ivory nut buttons. The precise processing is another quality indicator: If the buttons get wrapped once more with the thread, the button lies a bit higher and is therefor easier to close. An additional sealing with heating of the thread with the patented Ascolite® procedure ensures that the buttons do not fall off, unlike a cheap shirt model.

The side gusset

The side gusset is a small, triangular piece of cloth, which enhances the transition from the back and front part oft he shirt. The refined edge is a symbol for high-quality business shirts and gives the wearer more freedom of movement.

A cheap product is usually only on second glance distinguishable from a quality shirt. However, quality workmanship lets the wearer not only look better, but also over a longer period. CARPASUS offers high-quality, sustainable business shirts – in standard sizes as well as tailor made.

At the next purchase you will now be able to distinguish a quality shirt from a cheap one from the collar down to the side gusset within seconds and lets you go for the right shirt. Quality workmanship not only makes you look better, but also over a longer period.


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