CARPASUS combines sustainability with quality, style and coolness. Our mission is to provide you with quality shirts that will make you feel good, accompany you for a long time, and underline your individual style. We use environmentally friendly natural materials from organic farming, which are further processed in Europe. We are committed to long-term collaboration with our partners who adhere to social standards and pay fairly to their employees. Our products are durable in quality and timeless in design. We show you through a transparent production chain, where and by whom your shirts are made.

Hardly any other industry shows the developments of our economic system, production technologies and our consumer behavior, as exemplary as the clothing and textile industry. The production of clothing today is distributed globally and enormously resource intensive. Millions of people around the world are working day in, day out to make, design, sell, or grow the raw materials for them. Natural fibers such as cotton and processing into fabrics require a lot of water, fertilizers and chemicals. In turn, the cultivation of cotton and the manufacture of the fabrics still require a great deal of manpower.

We want to show that there are alternatives to the often inhumane and non-transparent working conditions and environmentally harmful practices in the apparel industry, and to re-raise awareness of the origin, history and quality of the clothing we wear every day, right on our skin. Our aim is to make a contribution to an economic system that respects people and the environment and offers future generations the same opportunities as we find today.

Our Values

"Sustainability" is now a common and often used term in the fashion industry. By offering high-quality, long-lasting shirts in organic quality, which are manufactured under fair and transparent conditions, we give this term content and value.


Quality and longevity
In order for our clothes to be worn for a long time, we rely on high quality standards in the selection of raw materials, fabrics and the manufacturing of clothing. We work with the best weaving and shirt manufacturers in Europe.
Timeless design
We pay attention to timelessness in the choice of fabrics, color designs, patterns and cuts. Our products does not stand up to every trend.
We use natural materials such as cotton or linen as the basis for our fabrics. Our cotton and linen materials are grown organically. Organic farming does not use genetically modified seeds. The use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is replaced with plant-based fertilizers and organic pesticides. Crop rotation is practiced. This preserves soil fertility in the growing areas and protects the health of farmers. Find here a detailled blog post about the ecological and social advantages of the use of organic cotton.
When dyeing, weaving and equipping the shirt fabrics, our suppliers meet the highest standards. They do not use agents that are harmful to humans and the environment and ensure controlled wastewater treatment.
Our buttons and collar stays are made of renewable natural materials such as corozo or wood.
We produce in Europe and keep the transport routes as small as possible.
Respect and fairness
We respect nature, the people behind our clothing, our customers, suppliers and ourselves. We rely on long-term cooperation with our customers and partners. Our partners must adhere to social standards towards their employees.
We want to know as much as possible about the origin of our materials and their processing and pass on this knowledge. You should know the companies, places and people who make your clothes. Here you can find out more about our partners.

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