How to take care of your CARPASUS shirts

We select high-quality fabrics and the best manufacturers to produce our shirts because we want you to enjoy them as long as possible. With the right care you can contribute to the longevity of the shirts. Find here some helpful tips how you can make your shirt last longer.


How to wash your shirts

When washing, make sure you wash white and light coloured shirts separately to avoid discolouration of the shirt fabrics. Separate your white or light-coloured shirts from other colours. We also recommend that you seperate your shirts from other clothing items. Trousers or other garments, with metal buttons or buckles, can damage the shirt fabric.

Fold up the collar and close the first button. To protect the fabric on the outside, you can turn the shirts inside out before washing or put them in a washing bag. This will also protect them from the washing drum. It also puts less stress on the buttons.

When washing our dress shirts, you should always remember to remove the collar stays beforehand. Otherwise they can get lost or damage the fabric. By the way, in case you lose your collar stays or they have disappeared somewhere in the washing machine, you can order new ones from us here.

Wash your shirts at a maximum of 40° C. For an even longer life of the shirts, we recommend 30° C. This is enough to wash a shirt if there are no strong stains on the fabric. This way you save some energy and you put less burden on the shirt fabric.

When choosing a detergent, there are more and more ecological and degradable alternatives to conventional detergents on the market. These are just as effective and at the same time protect the environment.



How do I get stains out of a shirt

A stain of spaghetti sauce or the spilled drop of red wine on your shirt; such mishaps happen quickly and are hard to remove again. Of course, stain remover comes in handy first and foremost. In case you have no stain remover at hand. There are some alternatives. Baking soda is just as helpful. Mix one sachet with water and spread it on the stain. After the mixture has dried, you can wipe over it again with a damp cloth. You can remove stains from the fabric quite well with a conventional stain remover, such as bile soap. Again, don't wait too long and rub the soap onto the stain with water. Wait a little for the soap to take effect and then wash the shirt as described above. If you wash the shirt by hand, the success rate of getting the stain out is even higher. By the way: Bile soap is made from animal bile. You can also find various vegan alternatives on the internet.

Can I also tumble dry the shirts?

We recommend that you do not tumble dry your shirts. You put less burden on the shirt fabric if you don't tumble dry them. This way you will enjoy the shirts and fabrics longer. You will also save some energy by not tumbling. The shirts also dry very quickly in the air. Hang them up immediately after washing and smooth out the fabric. This way you will spend less time ironing the shirt.

What do I have to keep in mind when ironing the shirts?

When ironing, start with the small parts (arms, cuffs and collar). Use the spray function of the iron and moisten the shirt before you run the iron over the relevant areas. Start with the collar, cuffs and placket. Then iron the right and left backs one after the other. Then iron the front left and right sides of the shirt.

If you want to make ironing easier hang the shirt immediately after washing and hang it, still wet, on a hanger. Make sure it hangs properly, especially at the shoulders. You won't have a perfectly smooth shirt afterwards, but you might not even have to iron it and you'll save yourself a few minutes of time. If you're presenting your new film on the red carpet or taking your significant other to a fancy restaurant, we recommend ironing the shirt, though ;)

If you want to make your life even easier, you can buy a steamer. Here, the shirt hangs on a hanger and is smoothed out with a steam device. This way you can easily get even rough wrinkles out of the fabric. These steamers are a little more expensive to buy but they are worth it if you want to save time and have a lot of shirts or blouses to iron.



What is the best way to store my shirts?

Hang your shirts on a hanger in the wardrobe. Take care of the shoulder parts so that there are no creases. This is the quickest and easiest way. If you have less space in your waredrobe, it is best to fold your shirts. Here too, take special care that no creases appear. In this video we show you how to fold your shirt.




We hope we have been able to give you some tips on how to take care of for your shirts here in this blog. If you have any questions about our products and their care, please send us an email at or call us on +41 77 505 28 57. We will be happy to advise you.

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