The CARPASUS Team - Interview without words

How does it feel to wear a CARPASUS Flanell Shirt? 
 ... and how does it feel to spend a day without music?
 How tall would you love to be? 
Name: René Grünenfelder
Born in 1987, raised in Kriessern, St. Gallen.
Education: Master of International Affairs, University of St. Gallen.
@CARPASUS: Founder, CEO and visionary.
Power Emoji: 👍
When René doesn't devise new ideas for CARPASUS, he plays guitar, writes songs and dreams of a world tour where he would meet lots of interesting people and discover foreign cultures.
On the picture, René wears a striped linen shirt in khaki from our current spring/summer collection.
How does your face look like as a psychologist?
What do you recognize first thing about men? 
What does your inner child tell you? 
Name: Andrea Stamm
Raised in eastern Switzerland.
Education: commercial apprenticeship, currently studies Applied Psychology at ZHAW Zurich.
@CARPASUS: figures, figures, figures!
Power Emoji: 🤸‍♀️
When Andrea is not managing our invoices and our bookkeeping, she loves to read and philosophize about life's big questions with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. 
Her dream: To live in a tiny house.
On the pictures Andrea wears the organic cotton casual shirt "Bernina Lemon" from our current spring/summer collection.

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